Wednesday, September 18, 2019


ON THE PATH OF GAIN Dear Angel, I’m sorry for the earth & sky You shared alone. I’m sorry for the air You breathed alone. I’m sorry for the flowers you touched And the games you played alone. I earned a lot Achieved the goals Beyond my dreams, Touched the horizons of success But all without you , my love. In a trance of trampling success I forgot you’re a part of me, I forgot you’re in me. Not only that, I forgot the days When I told you to brush your teeth, Helped you to get dressed, And go to school. When we went to park You holding my finger & walked The green patches of our grassy lawn. I’m very sorry to say I have seen you grow All alone in my presence With your west-ward emotions Full of breezy lull. I missed your first day at school, First football match, Your Halloween Parade And many more. Now they are countless to write, Countless to read. Dear doll, In your suffering I too have suffered By allowing my priorities over my relationship All at the cost of globetrotting job. This I could know A year ago When I asked you to remember What you missed When I was away. You asked me to wait, Went to your room And came with a piece of paper, And handed me a list of 22 events Surely important one for you, Important one for me. List of events & activities you compiled . Both you & I missed Due to my so called commitments. Surely it was a wake-up call! Excuses apart Each missing events Weighed heavy upon me, My tours , travels & meets. But I was sure enough now By doing so I have missed A thread of life & love. It deeply hurts to know I allowed my relations To ride on unruly waves Of misleading commitments. Work may be worship But not at the cost of you. Now I’m with you Binding knot to knot And kissing every smile. (Rajiv kumar/29/09/2014)

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